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"Sewing Machine Steve"

Highest Quality Restoration, Refurbishment, Custom Painting, Service & Repair...Nationwide via UPS, FedEx & USPS

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Here is how lockstitch machines create stitches!
Pictures of some of Our Favorite Refurbished Machines

Late Model Visetti
This machine was restored and repainted by us to a very high standard for some folks in the Chicago area.  It is a gorgeous pink with oyster white trim. This is a one-of-a-kind machine.

White 675

This is a White 675. This machine, like the Visettis below, was made by Toyota...the car company. This particular machine is in mint condition and is a fantastic sewer with its strong 1.3 amp motor. I have never seen a '60s Japanese White sewing machine that is not of consistently high quality.

Visetti Super Deluxe
This is a Visetti Super Deluxe. This beautiful machine was made by Toyota in the 1960s'. Yes, the same Toyata that makes automobiles. The fit, finish, engineering, and overall quality is definitely Toyota. The light blue is a beautiful metallic. This machine now lives in Arizona.

Singer500A "Rocketeer"
This phenomanal 500A was nicknamed the "Rocketeer" for it styling in the early space age. This was the "Cadillac" of Sewing Machines in its day. This particular machine is in wonderfull condition and now sews in Florida. This model is regarded by many to be the finest Singer ever made.

Morse 400 Ultra Pink

This Morse 400 is a pink two tone. Morse machines exhibits some wonderful color combinations typical of machines of their time from Japan. This machines lower pink is far more brilliant that can be seen in this picture. This fantastic machine lives in Virginia.

Brother Super Streamliner

This Brother Super Streamliner reminds me of some of the two-ton Chevys from my youth. Made in Japan when Brother made cast iron machines. This beauty sews as good as it looks. It now lives in California.

Aldens Straight Stitch

This Aldens has a really strong 1.5 Amp motor and sews to 4.5 stitches per inch. This machine's black finish is astounding. This is a superb example of a Japanese Class 15 machine. This one currently resides in California.

Dressmaker Model A-2

This Dressmaker is a Singer Model 15 clone. It has a gorgeous light blue metallic finish. The nickel plating is nearly mint. Other than a few scratches and chips the overall finish is good+ to excellent-.
This machine is has a new home in Chicago.

Singer Model 237

These modest machines were made in Italy out of cast iron. These machines get a bad rap primarily because of the poor motor that Singer used. The French motor was/is weak and makes a racket. The solution is an aftermarket motor of at least 1.0 amp which turns this mundane machine into a heavyweight sewing mega-machine. I sell all that I can get. This one lives in Virginia Beach, VA

Fleetwood Deluxe

This sweet looking Fleetwood is very typical of the latter stages of the Japanese clones of the Singer 15. Typically these straight stitchers are made of cast iron and have very good quality paint. All of these that I've ever seen have external motors mounted on the rear. These motors range from 1.0 to 1.5 amps which pretty much doubles the strength of the Singer 15-91 motor. Fully refurbished you can expect to pay between $125 to $175 depending on the condition of the finish. This one lives in Colonial Beach, VA.

Visetti Super Deluxe

This is another fantastic Visetti. These made by Toyota machines are built as well or better than the popular European brands such as Bernina, Pfaff, Viking, Necchi and Elna of the same era.
This machine now sews in Norfolk, VA.

Morse Fotomatic IV
This Morse Fotomatic IV was purchase on eBay by one of my new customers. I find this machine visually stunning. It reminds me of the dashboard of a 1959 Buick that my father had. Along with the good looks this is a very strong sewer. It has multiple stitches built in and the condition is fantastic. This machine will last another lifetime or two.

 White Model 265


This White 265 is in 99% cosmetic condition and 100% mechanical. This Toyota made machine has straight and ZigZag stitches. It's 1.3 Amp motor gives this super smooth Class 15 machine plenty of punching power for most sewing jobs. It is being shipped to Baton Rouge, LA area to its new owner.


Singer 401A

This Singer 401A was purchase by one of my customers at a bargain price. Upon cleaning and refurbishment I found that it is in "like new" condition. If the Singer 500A Rocketeer was the "Cadillac" of sewing machines then this was the Buick (Top of the line). This one will sew in the Greater Hampton Roads area.


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