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Refurbishing a 1952 Singer 15-91 


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 Since I think that most folks don't really know what refurbishing is, I thought that some pictures would help. I chose to take pictures of the refurbishment of a 1952 Singer 15-91. The 15-91 is regarded by many to be the finest domestic straight stitcher ever. Certainly Singer sold millions.
Enjoy the pictures. Remember I do this on all machines that I refurbish...yours or mine. This machine took 5 1/2 hours from dis-assembly to a working machine

Disassembled, thoroughly cleaned, metal parts are high speed polished.

Showing most parts except for screws, nuts, and washers.

Much of the nickel plating on these vintage machines comes out really nicley.

Original Owners Manual and Six Specialty Feet.



Motor's Drive Gear (steel).

Oscillating Hook, Bobbin Case, Bobbin, Driver, and Race - Super Clean...57 Yrs Old .

Presser Foot Bar & Needle Bar Re-Installed.

Dis-assembled Upper Tension Unit...??????? These are all different...let me do it!

Gorgeous Nickel Plated Cover.

Test Sew....Success! These Model 15s are excellent straight stitchers.

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