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"Sewing Machine Steve"

Highest Quality Restoration, Refurbishment, Custom Painting, Service & Repair...Nationwide via UPS, FedEx & USPS

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Send it to Me
Having been a sewing machine mechanic for quite a while, I've found that most of us "Old School" mechanics are either dead, retired, or semi-retired and work out of our homes.  We were/are the guys that can actually fix your machine...not just replace parts.
We can be hard to find!
Well, I'm one of those guys!  I understand the principles by which your machine was designed, manufactured and operates.  I understand where the problems arise and how to repair/service and adjust the machine to run like new or maybe even better than new.
I don't overcharge, and won't try to sell you parts or service that you don't need.
I don't sell new sewing machines so I promise not to try to sell you a plastic thing with circuit boards in it made in China.
 I charge less and give you more than your local sewing machine shop.
Most of the time you save enough to pay for the shipping!
Contact Me for a Free Estimate
How to Ship it to Me
Assuming that you are sending it from the USA you can choose from the following shippers:
United States Postal Service
UPS Ground
FedEX Home Delivery
The post office does not have a good tracking system like UPS Ground or
FedEx Home but does have reasonable rates, low priced insurance and can tell you that I received it.
You will need to pack it well. The main goal is to make sure that the machine does not move within the box and the box is well padded.  I have found that it is best not to ship your machine in its carrying case if you have one. Shipping it in its case greatly increases the chance of shipping damage.  Plus, the box would be larger, heavier,and cost more to ship.
 So please ship the head only with the foot/knee controller and one bobbin.
How I Ship
I buy heavy duty boxes at Lowes for about $2 (usually their "Medium" box)
I buy their 3/4 foam board insulation for about $10 (enough for 2-3 machines) it is usually found in the insulation area of their building supply section.
I cut the foam to fit the machine in the box with no movement of the machine. Typically 1.5" on all sides, bottom and top...along with blocking as necessary to prevent movement.  You can insert corrugated cardboard between the two layers of styrofoam.
I put the machine in a plastic bag so that bits of foam don't get into the machine.
I will have anywhere from 1 1/4" to 2" of foam around the machine.
The foot controller is wrapped in cardboard, bubble wrap, or heavy paper.
I use heavy duty clear packing tape in large amounts.
I cut, score and bend the box to acommodate the custom size.
Remember the key to good packing is no machine movement in the box.
Do Not Use Styrofoam Peanuts...they easily compress and provide little support!
Shipping Cost
A 35 lb. box measuring 19" X 16" X 13"
FromBoston, MA to Portsmouth, VA 23701
Via UPS Ground would be about $32.47 each way (based on a UPS website quote on MARCH, 2013).
From San Francisco to Portsmouth, VA 23701
Via UPS Ground would be about $62.32 each way (based on a UPS website quote on APRIL, 2013).
Get a quote with the carrier of your choice on the Internet. Purchasing shipping online is less expensive,
My ZIP Code is 23701
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