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"Sewing Machine Steve"

Highest Quality Restoration, Refurbishment, Custom Painting, Service & Repair...Nationwide via UPS, FedEx & USPS

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Service Pricing  (Winter 2016)
(non-computerized home style domestic lockstitch sewing machines)
(parts not included...we do not overcharge for parts nor sell you parts that you do not need)
Free Estimates for Work Beyond What is Listed Below. 
Solve Simple Problems
Up to 1/2 hour to repair/tune your sewing machine.  I regularly help folks with things like tension, cleaning the hook, needle and feed dog area, and other simple problems that does not require entire service or refurbishing.
Basic Sewing Machine Service
 (most competition charges $99.95 and up)

Complete Lubrication (Oil & Grease)
Time Needle, Hook, and Feed Dogs as necessary
Clean Oscillating or Rotory Hook / Bobbin Case area
Clean under Needle & Slide Plates
Inspect & align Feed Dogs
Inspect wiring
Inspect belts (if any)
Tune as necessary

Sewing Machine Mechanical Refurbishing
+ parts as may be necessary
(competition does not offer this extensive refurbishment as a package).
I will never sell you parts or service that you do not need.
Thorough cleaning in & out plus all components
Check mechanical tolerances
Check condition of gears and replace as necessary
Grease gears and lubricate per factory specification
Check and replace drive and timing belts as necessary
Disassemble, clean, and index upper thread tension assembly
Disassemble and clean bobbin case (under the spring too!) 
Check wiring and repair/replace as needed
Disassemble motor, check and clean brushes, polish armature, lubricate, inspect & repair internal and external wiring as necessary. 
Inspect and polish oscillating or rotary hook, feed dog assembly and drive, bobbin case assembly, presser foot assembly, needle bar assembly, zigzag drive system, cam stack and drive (if so equipped), main drive shaft and clutch assembly.
Re-assemble machine and all sub-systems including bobbin winding system and sewing lamp.
Set initial upper and lower tension, time needle, hook, time feed dogs.
Test sew and fine tune all functions.
*US Built & Japanese Built machines with built in utility or decorative stitches or other machines due to their complexity are $299.00. Example: Some Singer 15, 201, 401A, 500A, Touch & Sew models and other less common models.

*European machines are additional (Pfaff, Bernina, Husqvarna Viking, Elna, Necchi, Adler etc.)
Let us know what you have and we can give you a quote.

*Walking foot domestic machines are $50 additional (Pfaff 1222 as an example).

*Non-motorized Treadle drive machine prices for refurbishment are quoted upon visual inspection. Most are $225 including exterior finish treatment. Extra dirty machines are addition due to the need for heavy cleaning.


*Industrial Machines are priced by the job.

This process is performed by a  Master Technician and can take up to 10 hours or more.

All Labor Carries a 90 Day Warranty.