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"Sewing Machine Steve"

Highest Quality Restoration, Refurbishment, Custom Painting, Service & Repair...Nationwide via UPS, FedEx & USPS

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Treadle and Hand Crank Sewing Machine Restoration or Refurbishment
This Singer 27 came in kind of rough condition. I was able to refurbish this machine without the customer having the expenditure associated with a full restoration. Now it looks good in the restore cabinet and sews beautifully.

Treadle and hand crank machines are becoming even more popular as the baby boomers, like me, get into the nostalgia of our past and a simpler time. Singer, which by far, sold the most treadle machines in the U.S.A. and Canada are widely available at the local level at very reasonable prices. The Singer machines themselves are excellent straight stitchers, and unless you are looking for a really old machines that use a shuttle bobbin, then you should look at Singer models using current bobbin systems such as Class 15 ( Singer Model 15 and all variations) and Class 66 (Singer Model 66 and for 3/4 size the Model 99). Try to find a machine with good cosmetics and good decals (decals are a very important factor in the machines value). There are a large variety of models and sub-models with plenty of decal variations.

What We Do:

We service, repair, and restore most makes including those from Europe. Refurbishment is our most common service. Full restoration is usually performed on machines of substantial collector value that are in poor condition, as the restoration costs and time involved are substantial.

Our Capabilities Include:

Complete mechanical restoration, refurbishment, repair, and ongoing service of the machine.

Complete mechanical, refurbishment, restoration, repair and service of the treadle mechanism and belt (original leather type).

Complete machine, iron legs and treadle mechanism refinishing service including stripping to remove the finish, rust preventative primer, two-part epoxy finish, decals (becoming hard to get), and two-part clear coat over the decals.


Stripping and re-finishing your wood cabinetry.  Including laminate repair, chip repair, fabrications of missing parts, ect.

High quality polished nickel plating is available.

This is a Singer Model 66 being primed with a self etching primer prior to spraying with black color coats. Self etching primer promotes paint adhesion.


This newer versions Model 66 has just been clear coated. 
When the finishish has cured we will beginreassembly.

This Model 66 is being re-assembled with freshly
re-plated polished nickel parts.

For more information, a detailed proposal on your project, or to make an appointment to discuss restoration of your machine call me at 757-339-2017 10AM to 6PM ET Monday-Saturday or email me at


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