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"Sewing Machine Steve"

Highest Quality Restoration, Refurbishment, Custom Painting, Service & Repair...Nationwide via UPS, FedEx & USPS

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What is Refurbishing and the Refurbishing Process?

In our machines all parts are included in the purchase price.

For your machine the Refurbishing Process and price is plus parts as needed

A "Sewing Machine Steve" refurbished machine has gone through the following extensive process:

1. Selection (only quality, sound, cosmetically good machines go through this process)

2. Disassembly of key components

3. Thorough cleaning both in & out includes high speed cleaning of most metal and bearing surfaces

4. Check mechanical tolerances to manufacturer's specification

5. Check condition of gears and replace as necessary

6. Grease gears and lubricate per factory specifications

7. Check and replace drive and timing belts as necessary

8. Disassemble, high speed clean, and index upper tension assembly for optimal tension control

9. Carefully check electrical wiring, switches, and foot/knee controller and replace as required (safety issue)

10. Disassemble motor, check and clean brushes, bushings, clean armature, polish commutator, lubricate main shaft, and inspect wiring and repair as needed.

11. Inspect oscillating/rotary hook, feed dog assembly and drive,  disassemble & clean bobbin case, presser foot assembly, needle bar assembly, zigzag drive system, cam stack and drive (if so equipped), main drive shaft, and clutch. Adjust as necessary

12. Reassemble machine and all sub systems, including bobbin winding system and sewing lamp etc.

13. Set initial upper and lower tension, needle height, time needle and hook, and feed dogs

14. Test sew and fine tune all systems

15. Twenty minute test sew of all built in stitches with no. 12 needle and quality poly/cotton thread

16. Wax painted machines with Carnuba wax. Antique black machines cannot be waxed so I treat them with mineral oil to "feed" the finish


17. Mount into table or carrying case if with machine

This process in performed by me, a Master Technician, takes about 5 hours (more for European machines) , and will give you a machine that runs as good as new...maybe better. You should only need to perform minimal maintenance thereafter for many years.


All Work Includes My 100% 90 Day Labor Warranty

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