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"Sewing Machine Steve"

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Why Buy an Older Refurbished Sewing Machine or Why have your Older Sewing Machine Refurbished?

Portsmouth, VA January 2010, updated October 2012
With regularity I get email inquiries and phone calls from folks that have bought new sewing machines for $100, $200, $300 and more that can't get them to operate properly or consistently. The level of frustration in their voices is always the same. I look at Craigslist and see ads for "used once or twice" sewing machines and they're always plastic and mostly made in China or Taiwan. What does that tell us? Believe me, you DON'T want one of those machines. Today, a machine that cost, say, $250 new is a low priced, low power, entry level, budget machine that is of poor quality. Now that offends me! You would think that you could purchase a new sewing machine that will SEW well and sew well for a long time at that price??????

Let's take a look for a moment at the other end of the new sewing machine market. You can buy certain sewing machines made in Switzerland, that represent state of the art, high quality machines that are superbly engineer and assembled. Unfortunately most people, including yours truly, cannot spend a thousand (Bernina 1008) or thousands of dollars on a sewing machine.

Well you CAN purchase a high quality multi-generational REFURBISHED sewing machine for AROUND $200.00 (excepting some Singers, Swiss, Swedish, German and Italian machines).

So what about a machine from the 40s', 50s' 60s', 70s', or maybe the 1980s'????
Let say that in 1961 your mother or grandmother bought a Singer 500A for $300.00 with accessories. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics....YES, that machines replacement value today would be in the area of $2,400.00. So for a new quality light duty portable machine from Switzerland (Bernina), you are at $1400 and up. Berninas come with very expensive servicing requirements and proprietary accessories that are very expensive compared to non-proprierary machines.  Why so expensive...they have a cult like following like Rolex watches and command high profit margins for the dealer and the manufacturer.

 I can sell you a machine or refurbish yours, such as Kenmore, Singer, White, Morse and other high quality Japanese machines for a fraction of the cost. They sew just as well and will be substantially less expensive to maintain in the long run.  Most of these machines use standard accessories that are readily available at a reasonable price.  They need little maintenance other than lubrication. 

My conclusion is that I would rather own multi-generational, more powerful cast iron or cast aluminum sewing machines for less money than it would cost for a new plastic throw away. It will last longer, is built better, is smoother, more reliable, more powerful, easier to use, and less costly to service or repair.

You CAN buy a high quality REFURBISHED machine today for $150 to $250, as I said above there are certain Singer, White, Morse, Swiss, German, Swedish, and Italian machines that are more.

If you have a quality sewing machine that needs help, think about having us refurbish your machine. Click here to see what we do to your machine to make it run superbly!

If you need service, we service all makes of domestic sewing machines.

To fully appreciate what goes into the REFURBISHMENT process click here or on the "What is Refurbishing button to the upper left of this page.

"Sewing Machine Steve"
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