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"Sewing Machine Steve"

Highest Quality Restoration, Refurbishment, Custom Painting, Service & Repair...Nationwide via UPS, FedEx & USPS

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Clear-Coat Your Machine
If you have an Antique Machine that has a finish that is in good condition and the decals are not too worn, then consider having us clear coat the machine for you.  The process includes complete mechanical refurbishment, removal of 95%+ of the old clear coat, and spraying of a high quality automotive grade gloss clear coat. Prices are $350.00* ($150 for Refurbishment & $200 for clear coating) for most domestic lockstitch machines + any parts that it might need.
*Clear coating is only done with mechanical refurbishment as the machine must be disassembled prior to spraying.
Do it Yourselfers 
 If you are a Do-it Yourselfer, then we will clearcoat your disassembled machine for $200 plus return shipping

Antique and Vintage Restoration Services

See some pictures of a couple of recent Restorations



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We offer complete restoration services on most antique and vintage sewing machines. Restoration requirements vary from machine to machine and manufacturer. We are adept at complete dis-assembly, stripping, two part priming, glazing, base color application, custom decals, clear coating, polished nickel plating etc. These services are for the owner that wants to preserve a family heirloom.



Custom estimates require partial dis-assembly of the machine and thus a fee is payable upon delivery of the machine to us. Fees vary by make and model. The result of a complete restoration will be a museum quality sewing machine that will probably be better than new. Full restorations can take up to six months as custom decals, parts etc. may need to be made.
Note on Decals:
Singer and other manufacturers no longer produce original artwork for antique or vintage machines. 
Generally the only decals that are available are for antique and vintage Singer machines. You will find them by searching the internet.  The ones that we have found are, at best, of poor to fair quality. They are printed on water slide film that is to thick to readily hide in a high quality professionally applied clear coat finish. The printing is not as fine or delicate as the original Singer decals (actually transfers). The are only one color without the color gradients of the original decals. 
I make superb custom decals for for antique and vintage machines of ANY BRAND. They are printed on the finest thin water slide film available.  The manufactures name and other decals are "period" appropriate. This means that they have been created in the style of the era of the machine in mind. They are not reproductions. They are customize to the machine and the owners requirements. They are one color without gradients and are usually gold metallic.  They are available in most any color including white.   I do not sell these outside of a full restoration.

 This is an example of my custom made gold metallic decals. Note that we can include your family name in the center of the sewing bed. These decals were just applied and have been sprayed with one coat of gloss clear coat.  An additional 3-5 coats of gloss clear will be applied.




Below are the decal themes that I am currently offering, shown in black and at very low resolution.  My decals are painstakingly created in high resolution vector files and as such are scalable. I use individual pieces of this artwork to create both larger and smaller artwork for your machine.  Once that you choose a theme, I will send an artwork proof to you based upon the make and model of your machine.  You can request changes or suggestions which I will incorporate in the final design proof for your approval.
These can be re-scaled to any size.

Please contact us with your needs.



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